Details on Septic Systems and Septic Services


The main aim of having a septic system is to take care of waste water in residential places. The ideal areas for septic systems installation are the rural areas where homes are spaced wider apart since the septic systems are designed to collect and treat waste water from a property that is connected to a main sewer system. This waste water is from the domestic activities such as bathroom water, kitchen waste water, and laundry among other domestic activities. A basic septic system is generally made up of a septic tank which is installed underground and a drainage system.

The septic systems uses natural means of waste water treatment, the anaerobic bacterial environment leads to the decomposition of the waste disposed in the septic tank. The septic tank is comprised of two chambers and a drainage field. The waste water is introduced to the septic system by the inlet pipe into the first chamber of the septic tank and with time it’s able to separate such that the solid matter settles to the bottom of the tank and the oils and grease form a scum layer at the top whereas the somehow ear water is at the middle. It’s after this separation of the different layers of matter that is the solid at the bottom, scum at the top, and the clearer waste water at the middle that another pipe leads the clearer water into the second chamber and later it is allowed out through an outlet pipe which leads to the drain field.

A series of pipes which are normally perforated release the liquid into the soil or the other specially designed systems if they are available. After the clearer liquid has been allowed into the second chamber, the scum part which consists of oily and greasy matter is broken down by the bacterias that occur naturally in the septic systems together with the solid matter . There will most likely be some matter left over after the decomposition of the solid matter and the scum layer and removal of such matter calls upon professional Colorado septic service providers after a period of time hence you will periodically be required to have septic experts reviewing your septic systems and removing such left over waste.

One top tip for maintaining a septic system is avoiding flushing certain items in the toilet as they can with time block the pipes of the septic system which compromises it’s effectiveness. These items which you should avoid flushing in your toilet as they could lead to blocking of your septic system pipes include sanitary towels by ladies, baby nappies, medicines, cleaning wipes and baby wipes too and any other materials which could build up to block the pipes of the septic system. Keep these in mind when looking for the best septic tank cleaners.


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